24 Hour Prayer Challenge

Hi Young Friends!

We want to invite you to be a part of our 24 Hour Prayer Challenge from midnight to midnight on Easter, Sunday, April 12.

We need 100 teens, middle and high school students, to take 15 minutes of their Easter to dedicate it to prayer.

How the challenge works:

  1. Go to: bit.ly/NWI24HourPrayer
  2. Pick a 15 minute time slot
  3. Sign up by entering your first name, your grade, and your parish. If you have a group of friends and want to pray at the same time, that’s awesome!
  4. Set an alarm on your phone so you are reminded of your prayer time.
  5. When it’s your time to pray on Sunday, April 12, PRAY! Set a timer for 15 minutes.
  6. You can pray however you want!
  7. Post an image of your prayer space on your social media using #NWI24Prayer

That’s it! If you want to pray longer than 15 minutes, for for it! Share your story with us by emailing vhathaway@dcgary.org

Ways You can Pray in 15 Minutes

  • Pray while at Mass! Find local Mass times at www.dcgary.org

  • Pray with scriptures. Engage in Lectio Divina or Ignatian Gospel Contemplation.

  • Pray the Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet. Take a pic of your Rosary!

  • Use prayer apps like Hallow to pray with guided prayers and reflections. Most reflections can be done in 15 minutes.

  • Pray with music! Listen to a playlist or create your own of your favorite praise and worship songs. If you are a musician, use your gifts for prayer!

  • Pray with art. Pick an image of Jesus, Mary or the saints and reflect upon it. Or, if you are an artist, draw or create your own image for prayer.

  • Write a letter to friends, family members, or parish members. As you are writing, pray for the person you are writing the letter to. Don’t forget to mail it!

  • Pray with your family! Gather your family together and pray with them.

  • Go on a walk (practicing social distance) and observe God in nature or in the people that you see. Pray for people in your neighborhood.

Invite your friends!


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