In World Youth Day as in real estate: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

We received our hotel placement today. Feel free to browse Google Maps and acquaint yourselves with our location! We will stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Panama City – El Carmen. That is in the heart of downtown Panama City. While we have not yet been given a list of WYD restaurants, I cannot imagine we will ever be too far away from dozens of options. Also- and this is the best part- we are steps from the El Carmen Subway Station. That gives us the option to either make a pleasant 1.8 mile waterfront stroll to the festivities at Cinta Costera 1 (Thursday evening Papal greeting, Friday evening Via Crucis, Saturday-Sunday Vigil & Mass*), or hop on the subway train and be there in just two stops. Remember that we get a free subway pass as part of WYD registration.

*The Vigil/Mass location is subject to change based on WYD attendance.


As some of you have begun to track down documents, thank you for your questions and insights. I wish I had more definitive answers to some of your questions, but here’s what I can tell you about some things:

– I have a webinar on this very subject in mid-November and will have more definite answers then.
– You might be asked about “where we are going,” as many sources say the real danger is outside Panama City. The only time we will leave Panama City is to visit a rainforest at Gamboa. That is about 20 miles north of Panama City and poses very little threat of disease.
– As of now, the only thing required is proof of measles vaccination, as we discussed at the mtg.
– Deacon Bob passes this along, after a recent visit to a doctor: “I was told through some medical folks that if we do not have a measles vaccine record we can get an order from our local doctor for an MMR Titers immunity test. If the test comes back that we’re immune to measles we can use that as our documentation. Otherwise we have to have another vaccine.” Thanks Bob!


Thank you Jason Yurechko (Nativity of Our Savior, Portage), for this design, which will be on the back of our shirts. We will be contacting you soon: we will be giving you an opportunity to choose short or long sleeve, and cotton or dry-wicking. (Everyone agreed to light blue at the meeting.)