February 27, 2019

attn: Youth & Young Adult Ministry leaders (including former or prospective NCYC group leaders)

I am happy to announce that I will remain employed by the Diocese of Gary to oversee three important youth and young adult ministry events in 2019: the TAPT retreat (March 16-17), the new Awakening retreat (April 12-14), and the diocesan delegation to the National Catholic Youth Conference (Nov 21-24).

My full time employment comes to an end this Friday, March 1. While my office phone and email will remain “on,” the more effective means of contact will be through my mobile phone and Yahoo mail (219-552-4060, yyakevATyahoo.com).

TAPT: Tonight (Wednesday, 11:59p) is the deadline for HS-aged teens to attend the 31st annual TAPT retreat. Due to repairs needed at Camp Lawrence, it has moved to Railcats Stadium. Get the details at garytapt.com

Awakening: (bulletin announcement)  For over 10 years, Awakening retreats have been connecting college age young adults (18-25), helping them to realize the transforming power of Christ. Offered at every major university in the state and over 75 nationwide, the Awakening retreat is now in the Diocese of Gary! Awakening will be held at Nativity of Our Savior Catholic Church and School April 12-14. The weekend is packed with community, prayer, food, and best of all, Jesus. Consider giving a weekend of your time, you’ll be surprised what God will do with it. $30 includes lodging and meals. Visit nwiawakening.com  to learn more and register.  (PDF FLYER)

NCYC: We are admittedly a little behind and have some catching up to do! I salute those of you who have already been meeting with parents, promoting it, holding fundraisers, etc. I was reluctant to address NCYC until I was certain that I would be a part of it. That was only confirmed by Bishop Hying this week. NOW IT’S TIME TO CATCH UP!

In the weeks ahead, I will be contacting NCYC 2017 parish leaders to get a status on 2019. If you are a parish leader from a parish that hasn’t attended NCYC, it is important to express your interest to me SOON, because I will be sending out info only to my consolidated NCYC interest list.

A few of you expressed anxiety over my departure and NCYC. Rest assured, if all goes according to my plan, you will hardly experience any change from previous years, with one notable exception that I will not be in the office M-F, I will be doing the work from home part-time. You may find less frequent reminders as a result, so it is essential to follow the “Dates and Deadlines” document already sent.

As for the future of diocesan youth and young adult ministry, Bishop Hying and others will be offering a number of chances to have your voices heard as he discerns how the next chapter of this office will be written. Everything is on the table! My departure is the start of a new incarnation of events, services, resources, etc. It’s time to re-imagine the possibilities! Only the Creator knows, and the Spirit will guide.

I ask for your continued prayer. They are working- I have been at peace, and wonderful opportunities have presented themselves for me beyond my employment at 9292. I plan to make my decision in the weeks ahead. Leaving this job is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’m so glad I get one last hurrah- with many of you and 20,000+ of our closest friends at Lucas Oil Stadium!

Blessings in Christ
Kevin J. Driscoll
Diocese of Gary Office for Youth & Young Adults