DYC Meeting 9/22/2019 Minutes

 Present: Driscoll, Cummins, Valente, Corey, Wiszowaty, Farkas, Knueppel, Long, Lundquist, Matthew, Baumeister, Lukas, Ramirez

Opening Prayer

Introductions/Parish Updates

  • Brett Driscoll, St. Edward, Lowell: NCYC prep, fundraising, signing up for a canvas paining fundraiser
  • Charlie Baumeister, Holy Spirit, Winfield: Alpha Study to understand the Mass more
  • Aubrey Lundquist, St. Teresa, Valparaiso: Mass in downtown Valpo next week with Fr. Chris, “Stump the priest” type questions
  • Angelia Valente, St. Matthias, Crown Point: Garage Sale next week, ITF youth retreat, positive experience
  • Drew Cummins and Sammi Corey, Holy Name, Cedar Lake: Finishing up fundraising for NCYC, Farmer’s market, youth council for parish
  • Hailey Knueppel, St. Michael, Schererville: First meeting for Radiate call out meeting, “what they want to learn, what they want their own kids to learn,” beach mass
  • Christian Matthew, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Valparaiso: youth mass and Kayaking this summer
  • Emily Farkas, Nativity, Portage: fundraising for NCYC, Tiny Saints
  • Julia Wiszowaty, Holy Spirit, Winfield: parish youth council things going well so far!
  • Matthew Long, St. Patrick, Chesterton: first Sunday of the month, Sundae Sunday, 7:00 pm mass, youth help out

Update on DYC/Events/Q & A

Reviewed what DYC is and responsibilities, reviewed the by-laws, and answered questions

Team Building Activities

Group Up and Zen Counting, reviewed activities
Things the group noticed:

  • pep talk about making sounds
  • it was beautiful and inspiring
  • more confident in saying, we were prepared, we knew what
  • better together

What was helpful?

  • keeping the same number
  • lining up in order
  • helps you focus
  • getting into a rhythm helped
  • helps your prepare
  • keep doing it over and over, until you figure out what you are doing, flows naturally

How does this relate to how we are leaders in our parish?

  • keep doing it and we will do better
  • fell more natural
  • listening and responding–we can listen to the complaints of our parishes, and respond by giving alternative answers
  • trusting that everyone will do their part and trust that everyone will do their part and do better

Expectations for DYC: “Meaningful” and “Pleasant”

What would make DYC meaningful:

  • Learning leadership skills
  • Reviewing different types of leadership styles
  • Learning how to talk “professionally” to adults
    • Ways to share knowledge with adults
    • Ways to walk together with adults
  • Communication
    • How to talk to peers
    • How to talk to younger people
    • How to talk to older people
  • Leadership Activities and games
  • Going deeper with our faith

What would make DYC pleasant:

  • Food
  • Feeling safe (physically and emotionally)
  • Coming together to meet a common goal
  • Fun! Games!
  • Bonding–Building friendships
  • Getting to know each other


Catholic Leadership

-Explain how we are going to focus on various leadership skills over the year and see how it relates to us in our personal ministry. 

-Best place to start: Jesus

-Split into groups and to talk about list how Jesus was a leader/give examples

-Come together and share

-Create a concrete list of examples of how Jesus was a leader (with examples)

-Create one or two examples of how we can do that in our own parishes/communities.


Group Reports:

Group 1:

Calm under pressure-calming the storm

Sticks up for what is right-Mary Magdalene being stoned

Communications with everyone-last supper

Welcoming to all/doesn’t discriminate-the woman at the well

Confident in all actions-walking on water, have to have faith and believe in him

Be wise in all circumstances-not just what’s best in the short term

Respectful words all/humble


Group 2:

Ways that the artichoke was relevant

  • heart, method to the way he did things

Ways he taught people

  • speakers,
  • parables to relate to people’s lives
  • lead by example,
  • Never asked how much
  • help people in times they were in need
  • right from wrong

Ways he was appealing

  • humble
  • Fearless
  • Good listener
  • Showed loved to sinners
  • Made sure people were fed, even when people were tired
  • Connection with children
  • Engaged in conversations with others
  • Was of the people


Group 3:

  • forgiving, forgiving sinners,
  • Humble, not selfish, washing of the feet of others
  • had solutions-cured all of the incurable
  • caring-cared for everyone he came across, no matter where you are in society
  • relationship skills-found a way to communicate
  • leader by example, walked the walk
  • formed an inner circle, trusted others to help him and his mission, reach a common goal


Group 4:

Knew how to talk to the crowd


  • farmers-Mustard Seeds
  • Shepherds-Lost sheep
  • Labor-workers in the vineyard
  • Fishermen-”Fishers of Men.”

Team building

-related to the disciples strength

-go out and create more examples

  • Related to his disciples strengths
  • Built up a team to help spread the message
  • Challenged the disciples to be the best they could be

Clear in message

-different ways to saying the same thing

Feeding the 5000

Lost sheep-loves everyone equally

Knew he had different groups of people following him

Be wise in all circumstances

Respectful towards all/humble

Jesus has a heart that he shares with others.

Jesus taught people at their level and was able to connect to them.

Jesus was appealing to others, again meeting them at their level.

What makes Jesus a good leader:

  • Forgiving
    • Forgave sinners
  • Wasn’t selfish
    • humble, Respectful towards all/humble
    • Foot washing, lowered himself
    • Served others before serving himself.
  • He had solutions
    • Supported unique and novel ways of solving problems
  • Caring
    • Loved everyone
  • Relationship Skills
    • Was able to form a relationship with many people
    • Talked with those who he should not, should not have associated
  • Leader by example
    • “Walked the walk.”
  • Formed an inner circle
    • Had people he trusted and people trusted him

What we can take away from Jesus as a leader:

  • Communication was at the heart of his ministry
    • Often spoke one on one with others to teach and to listen to their concerns
  • Cares for others
  • Relatability
  • Humble
  • Respecting others-walking as equals
  • Listening to others; Really saw the other, heard their needs, concerns, and hearts

Prayer Sign Up- opening and closing prayers, pairs/groups

Closing Prayer

 Next Meeting: October 20, 1-4:00, Pastoral Center in Merrillville

Opening Prayer: Open

Closing Prayer: Andrew Cummins