DYC Meeting 12/15/2019

Present: Baumeister, Corey, Cummins, Driscoll, Klinczyk, Kolosci, Krueppel, Long, Lukas, Lundquist, Mercier, Ramirez, Sieracki, Velazquez, Perez, Hathaway

Opening Prayer

TAPT Invitation by Chad Franks- www.garyoyya.org/tapt/teamapplications

Introductions / Ministry Reports

Homework Review

-How has your listening changed?

-Many people noted that they started to recognize when they were not listening well or thinking of a response before the other person was done talking.


Fishbowl Game

-“it became easier to describe what we were saying after we did it a few times.”

Shine Your Light—Share Your Story Discussion

-handout found on www.garyoyya.org/dyc


White Elephant

Closing Prayer

Opening Prayer for February Meeting: Wiszowaty and Houpt

Closing Prayer for February Meeting: Klimczyk