DYC Meeting 11/10/2019 Minutes

Present: Baumeister, Corey, Cummins, Farkas, Houpt, Klimczyk, Kolosci, Lundquist, Ramerez, Tovar, Valente, Velazquez, Wiszowaty, Hathaway, Perez, Sutton

Opening Prayer: Charlie Baumeister

Introductions/Parish Updates

It was nice to hear that so many people were going to NCYC! Praying for a blessed and fruitful conference.

Experiential Activities (Team Builders and Concept Explorers)

Telephone Game: Hard to hear. Once recognized that they needed to listen harder became more aware of what the other person was saying.

Minefield (in a marked out area on the floor, many items are strewed about. Each team has one item that they must retrieve by one person who is blindfolded. The blindfolded person is guided to their item by only listening to the voice of their team who has to stand far away from the minefield. If the blindfolded person touches an item that doesn’t belong to them, they have to start over. Once they retrieve the item, they are lead back to their starting position by their team.):

Round 1

  • Hard to listen due to loudness
  • Communication is key, giving directions
  • One person guiding is better than multiple people talking to the same person at the same time
  • Understanding direction
  • Knowing the voice you’re supposed to be listening to
  • Person guiding needs to be patient
  • As it got quieter the task got easier
  • The more specific directions helped more

Round 2

  • Teamwork towards the end
  • Strategy helped
  • Using a “different language” to hone in on your specific directions
  • Human error/unpredictability made for another obstacle
  • Trusting yourself/teammates
  • Emphasizing the importance of staying calm in a stressful situation
  • Specificity is key
  • Supporting roles are important too!!

Why should we be a listening Church?

  • The Catholic Church should be able to listen to people’s questions to be able to answer them in a way someone would relate to/understand
  • It’s difficult to have a convo with someone when they just want to give you a super Catholic answer
  • To be able to help others make a conscious choice to “be in it”
  • On the other hand: being able to trust those you ask questions to
  • It seems like the Church does have a mission to listen to Her young people and support/encourage them
  • It’s important to for us/the Church to listen to “the other person” so we can answer questions/concerns in a way that “they” need and can understand

Reviewed listening handout and discussion
Listening “squirrels” debrief

  • ask clarifying questions
  • Silence is okay
  • Think of the intention of your questions/comments


Closing Prayer: Aubrey Lundquist and Emily Farkas

Next Meeting: December 15, 1-4:00 St. Matthias, Crown Point