DYC Meeting10/20/2019 Minutes

Present: Baumeister, Driscoll, Houpt, Klimczyk, Knueppel, Kolosci, Long, Lundquist, Mercier, Ramirez, Sieracki, Tovar, Valente, Velazquez, Hathaway, Perez

Opening Prayer

Introductions/Parish Updates

Team Builder: Pairs

Hospitality Presentation

Group Work

Common themes/ideas from small groups:


-Make sure things are ready before people arrive

-think about how you advertise

-Assign jobs or roles to people so they know what they are supposed to do.

-have clear directions for where to go and put up signs to help people find their way around

-think about questions someone knew might ask



-be approachable

-be polite and personable

-have something for them to do once they arrive

-have a game going that people can be easily added to


Connect and Include:

-engage in conversation

-ice breakers

-split into groups to increase socialization

-check in with people during the event

-have conversation starters at tables


Follow Up:

-ask for feedback

-thank people for coming

-obtain contact info for future events and to thank for coming

-share what’s coming up





Closing Prayer

Next Meeting: November 10, 1-4:00, St. Teresa of Avila, Valparaiso

Opening Prayer: Charlie Baumeister and Brett Driscoll

Closing Prayer: Aubrey Lundquist and Emily Farkas